THANKS TO YOUR [Total Jackass stunts] I HAVE [Becomed] NEO.

Hey there, I'm Reiga! I'm an amateur artist, modder and gamedev, and I made this website as a chill zone for me to dump my artistic ventures and world building with my personal original characters, and to connect to the internet's roots.

You can hop on navigation to any of my corners, I hope you just have a nice time here, take as much time as you need to gander through everything I've got so far, and remember to sign my guestbook!
This site is always evolving and updating, and I have a few corners I plan on always keeping up to date, so it's worth bookmarking and checking back and stuff! Sections are not optimized for mobile and were made in Chrome, if you still want to use this site on phone, in the Chrome app, you may set the webpage to load the desktop site, and rotate the site to landscape.
If you're a fan of the page, feel free to show your support by including my button in your page! I'd be honored!!
☆ Status Log ☆

STATUS 03/25/24: Happy New Year! I'll be updating my art tab soon enough- I've also had some breakthroughs with a story I want to tell, and for that reason also made the OCs tab inaccessible for now..

STATUS 08/08/23: I'll remember to update soon with my Art Fight art! I ended up placing 3rd in that Anime Jam I made the Yuuko mod for, very nice.

STATUS 21/06/23: Obligatory "haha while since an update" comment. Yeah. Since last time, I have been working on a Rivals of Aether stage to accompany a fighter mod reveal, although I suspended both to join the Anime Characters Game Jam currently being hosted in the community. I also started working on this?? Gonna need some work, but man why do I always make weird Undertale stages...
Art and Modding Galeries have been updated, go check those out!

STATUS 10/04/23: Hi, hope everyone's having a nice day!! Dropping by to update the Art Gallery. Man I've been watching a tooon more art related content recently; I've never been this motivated in a while!!! That page is gonna be poppin in a bit... but yeah, bye bye there

STATUS 19/03/23: I don't owe anyone, but reegardless, sorry for sleeping on the weekly tunes! I'll try to bring the pace back up again. I'm still interested in expanding the site, but I'm a tad busy, let's see where this goes...

STATUS 30/01/23: Site cleanup is done so I guess I can just use this more to talk about me, myself?? Tomorrow my college kicks back so I'll probably be a bit less active, but I just threw in some more drawings over at art gallery and slotted in this week's jam, I'm actually thinking now of making a page just to archive all the weekly jams, sounds fun! Also, thank you for the follows and kind words in the guestbook recently! I'm very pleased with how the site currently is. Cheers!

STATUS 29/01/23: The last main corner that was missing, the Modding Corner, is now up! With this, I'd like to formally say the groundwork of the site is "done", although there's still so much more I wanna do here, and of course there's stuff to routinely update like the Art Gallery and weekly tune (oh yeah that's new!!), so head's up for cool stuff still

STATUS 25/01/23: Did a bit more spring or winter (actually summer over here) cleaning, and added the Art Gallery finally! I deliberated on making it a more modern javascript type gallery, but decided to just go classic with simple CSS, I know for sure that for an actual portfolio I wouldn't do it like this, but it's fun for a silly site!!

STATUS 24/01/23: Oh dang, it's been a while... late Happy New Year folks! I'll see to patching this place up a bit more in the coming days, but it's worth nothing that the bulk of what I found to be essential for the Hexchained branch has been done! I'd love if people'd check that out, I have some beloved OCs over there.

STATUS 29/08/22: I added the OC page but forgot to actually link it everywhere else. It's now linked. Currently there's a portal for [HEXCHAINED], but it's not near finished as I'm a bit busy with exams. Take care!

STATUS 16/08/22: Status bar added! Hello! About Me and Guest Book pages are up, and I am presently working on the OC (Original Characters) page!

STATUS 31/07/22: I'm back to tinkering this ol' place, and have put up a new coat of paint thanks to a dear friend!! (check them out, they're the only one in my friends tab LOL)