Nice little log of my video game modding-based ventures. Right now I have only made mods for the game Rivals of Aether, a pixel art based platform fighter game with Steam Workshop support, but whenever I create mods for more types of games, a central hub will be added. For now, this is the only stuff I've done!

Heir of Miasma

Published: 18/09/2021
Mallory Pestes joins the world of Aether, bringing her ghostly miasma abilities with her.
Mal focuses on a slightly more defensive playstyle, revolving around spreading her miasma to induce a status effect, so she can dish out grand kill moves.
A personal OC of mine, with 2+ years of production time. She has a character info page on this site, too.
The Disguise Pokémon

Published: 07/12/2021
A lonely Pokémon, Mimikyu seems to have joined the world of Aether to find some friends for life!

A collab between me and the illustrous FungiWizard on an adaptation of one of my favorite Pokémon, attention was given on making it a distorted version of Pikachu's moveset! This mod received 4th place in Spamite's Pokéjam, and is the reason I got my Mimikyu plush! hehee
Careless Safety Notice Woman
Allow adequate room around you during game play.

Published: 19/06/2022
A modern take on a classic Wii figure, the Careless Safety Notice Woman has come to kick the curb and switch things up with her trusty, if slightly faulty, joycons!

A semiclone of the illustrous Hyuponia's 'Reckless Safety Notice Man'. Honestly, I don't have a Switch, which I think just makes her funny. Her main mechanic is themed around Joycon Drift, which I do find clever, although it's a particularly hard to master ability...
Yuuko Aioi
Ordinary Schoolgirl

Published: 29/06/2022
Yuuko Aioi, the energetic lead of the manga and anime Nichijou, stumbles into the fray for one of server's Game Jams, an Anime themed one this time. Although she's just an ordinary schoolgirl, her definition of ordinary can be quite a problem for the opponent as an all-rounder who can, at times, be quite extraordinary.

A collab with the great JH! I roughed all animations and he rendered all of them! Quite the clean process, we had a lot of fun with her and she has a lot of care and polish.
Ambrosia Night
High in the skies of Ambrosia City

Published: 18/09/21
A bustling new metropolis off the east of Canada, which skyrocketed economically after it suddenly became infested with paranormal activity 15 odd years ago.

Acting as a homestage for Mal, this, too, is based on an OC continuity of mine!
Judgement Hell
do you think even the worst person can change

Published: 31/12/21
based on a tweet and character by @paintedhen
Then, her heart pounding...

Published: 14/05/23
The EARTH will draw her final breath.

WORLDS' Edge, from the game DELTARUNE, or at least, as it is depicted in The Legend of DELTA RUNE.
The Phosphorescent Potionist

Published: 31/05/21
The Phosphorescent Potionist VISSELLE emerges from the mysterious deep sea into the world of Aether, bringing a slew of alchemical concoctions for Another Workshop Jam!

An original character made specifically for Rivals of Aether, a collaboration between me, Clay and Sunfish, with animations being juggled back and forth between me and Clay. I still find it particularly impressive a design of her level was finished in a month, but she was my first time majorly coming up with a moveset, and in general it's quite lacking in design.
The Dealmaker

Published: 31/10/21
HEY EVERY !! IT'S ME!!! EV3RY BUDDY 'S FAVORITE [[Number 1 Rated Salesman1997]] SPAMTON G. SPAMTON!!

A collaboration between me and 4 other members of the Rivals modding community, he began production literally the same day Chapter 2 of DELTARUNE dropped, and due to the team synergy we managed to finish him a little over a month later. I was tasked with a few animations and helped a lot with the moveset design and philosophy, but in general it can't be underestimated that it was a team effort.
Super Mario
The man, myth, and legend

Published: 09/03/23
Super Mario has joined Rivals of Aether with his acrobatics in tow!

This is a mod by Mitsame, an artist I have looked up to for a long while, ever since I've seen her modding work on SRBK2. The whole character concept, art and moveset design were all Mit's work, but I coded all of it.

Mit's pixel art has a very impressively level of quality that makes it absolutely top notch, but I am proud I managed to implement it into the game effectively; to this day I still get comments that Super Mario nailed converting a lot of his movement fun from his original games into Rivals, and as a closeted Mariohead who precisely thought that was something Super Smash Bros. Mario sorely needed, that makes me glad to hear.