Hey there! I go by Reiga (sometimes Reigamogus) online and am just a little guy from somewhere with a big passion for arts, software, media and good food! I stand today with a website because as a kid browsing the much more untamed webs of the past, I dreaming of one day making a page of my own, for my own things. I guess I could've just made one then and there but I thought that wasn't something I could presently do?? Lol
Anyways the modern world we live in desensitizes passion and promote standardization, but perhaps today you can inch a bit closer and come check my little page, a true and neo part of me made for the world.

✧ MY INTERESTS: Digital art, pixel art, amateur programming, video game modding, OC creation and worldbuilding, amateur botany, a bit of cooking, soda can collecting, media including: MOTHER series, Kirby, Pokémon, UNDERTALE / DELTARUNE, Celeste, Iconoclasts, Shovel Knight, Wario series, OMORI, Metroid, Mob Psycho 100, ENA, The Owl House, Epithet Erased, Dorohedoro, Spider-Man and Spiderverse stuff, Pizza Tower, OneShot, OFF, Yume Nikki, LISA, Skullgirls, Darkstalkers

✧ Favorite Food: vanilla ice cream
✧ Favorite Color: periwinkle
✧ Favorite Fungus: Coprinopsis atramentaria

My Discord tag is Reiga#0620, if that is a thing you need in your life
Wow, they sure thought removing tags on Discord was a good idea. Alright, my current Discord handle is reigamogus then.